About Creature Control

About Creature Control

Our company serves the greater Denver, Boulder, and Loveland areas of Colorado. Creature Control was founded in 2006 by the Sutton family in Michigan and has expanded its wildlife pest operations to serve parts of Colorado. Headquartered in Larimer County, we are honored to provide Colorado with the most humane and professional pest and wildlife control services.

What We Offer

Creature Control handles any wildlife pest issue. Our professional and licensed technicians are experts in both animal removal and insect control. We fully understand the wildlife in the Colorado areas; we know their biology, their nesting habits, and the destruction they can cause to your home or business upon entry.

In addition to animal and insect control, we offer a variety of cleanup and repair services to restore the integrity of your home or business. We not only repair wildlife damage, we also implement measures to prevent animal reentry. Creature Control provides optimal solutions as your one-stop-shop for pest removal, prevention, cleanup, and restoration.

Creature Control offers competitive pricing and no-contract services, ensuring you get prompt and affordable assistance to resolve your wildlife pest problems. We personalize treatment plans taking into consideration the risks to humans or properties, the species involved, and best practices for remediation.

Who We Serve

Creature Control is the premier pest and wildlife management company for six counties in Colorado. We work closely with a variety of residential, commercial, and municipal customers. Our technicians service everything from homes, businesses, offices, restaurants, apartments, condos, and more. We also frequently work with property management firms, realtors, and municipal customers. No matter the problem or where it occurs, Creature Control will give you solutions for the least invasive and cost-effective plan to resolve your animal intrusion or pest infestation.

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