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Don't let pests take over your home or business! Protect your property with professional pest control who care.

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Colorado Animal Control and Pest Solutions

Animal problems are not cute! Retain professional wildlife control specialists to remove unwanted pests safely and humanely.

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Colorado Repair Services Due to Animal Damage

Restore the integrity of your home or business with prompt pest removal, prevention, cleanup, and repair.

Get Help Now with Pest Issues

Creature Control is a family-owned and locally operated wildlife control company servicing six counties in central Colorado. Our certified and experienced technicians are highly knowledgeable of the region's wildlife and we can help you find the least-invasive and most cost-effective way to handle bothersome animal and pest problems affecting your home or business. Our team can also make any needed repairs and provide preventative maintenance to your structure, protecting you from further invasions. Servicing both commercial and residential customers, Creature Control is your one-stop-shop for all your nuisance wildlife needs.


Animal Removal

Our wildlife technicians have years of experience trapping and removing critters! No matter what type of animal, we can take care of it: raccoon trapping, odorless skunk trapping, squirrel exclusion, bat removal, mouse control, and more.

Insect Control

Creature Control provides comprehensive insect pest control services, including stinging insects, termites, and most everything else that crawls. We offer competitive rates with no contracts!

Restoration Services

We also provide a wide range of restoration services related to animal damage. If your home requires attic or chimney repair, or if you need a rat wall installed to prevent animal entry, a foundation seal, and even assistance in filing an insurance claim related to animal destruction, we can help!

Common Spring Wildlife Problems

  • squirrels getting into attics
  • bats activity
  • Nuisance raccoons
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Humane Wildlife & Pest Solutions

Local, Family-Owned

Family owned and locally operated, Creature Control is a small business, not a national franchise or a referral service. We oversee and handle all of your pest problems directly for your convenience.

Safe & Humane

For large nuisance mammals, we live trap them and relocate them to another natural habitat. We abide by the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles for rodent or insect pest control issues to ensure our pesticide treatments are as non-invasive to you and your family as possible.

Licensed & Insured

Creature Control is licensed and insured. Our entire team of wildlife technicians is certified with the proper credentials to treat your home or business for pests. All of our licensing, certification, and insurance information is available for your reference.